1. androgel...thoughts?

    evening folks, I have searched high and low and come up with little information. can Androgel be used for bodybuilding as a test cycle or not? I have yet to find any logs where somebody ran a true androgel cycle. common guys i want everybody's oppinion.

  2. Yeap but is expensive so be with TC shot is best and cheap if you have insurance!

  3. IME you'll see better gains, and less potential shut-down with an otc pseudo-androgen. Something as mild as Dermacrine will afford better results, IMO. Androgel isnt all that great for building muscle and it will shut you down. Its really for older men.

  4. Test Cyp @100cc weekly or every 15 days not cause shut down but 800cc weekly yes!
    and Dermacrine cause shutdown too

  5. It only comes in a 30 pack supply. each pack has 5 grams of that is around 5000mg right? and absorbed through the skin you would only get around 50mg. So thats 50mg a day, 350mg a week. my math accuarate guys?

  6. I think that in terms of anabolic activity, that much test is irrelevant, unless you are almost completely shut-down by natural causes. That dose of anything still legal will do more for you, if cycled properly, than androgel. On the other hand, that much test injected weekly would give anabolism beyond anything OTC. If androgel was effective in terms of anabolism everyone would be using it. JMO

  7. agreed. how about if someone was to use say..3 packs daily. 150mg.

  8. Androgen gels and patches are meant to mimic natural test secretion. They only contribute to anabolism in a marginal way. Using higher than the rec dose is not going to do it. You would get shutdown in a short time and your estrogen will elevate. As I said, its designed for older and hypogonadal males. Im sure A-gel wont give you what you want at any dose, it may even help you grow a pair, something no guy wants. If you still want to use it use the rec dose only. Androgel is not anabolic per se. Dermacrine or any of the other topicals will give you better results and less potential sides. JMO

  9. I'm on androgel 50mg / day for a legit HRT rx. 700s total T is a helluva lot better than 150s I'll can tell you that. I'm slightly above "normal" in FT% from androgel. I looked in the package insert and it looks like you're looking at a max of 800-900s if you double up to 100mg. As far as gains go, I'm in a cut phase, so it's hard to say if it helps with size. I'm going to run finaplix-h + DMSO transdermally now. There's no PCT with HRT as far as I know, so what the hell.
  10. svt cobra
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    Dont waste your time with Androgel for anything, to include HRT(my reason for usage). I swithed to Testim and went from 475 to over 700. The absorption is just better with Testim. Now, Im on Cypionate at 100mg a week and its even better still. So, for what its worth, get a script for the injections and "FORGET ABOUT IT"...............


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