seperating filler from 6-oxo in the capsules -

seperating filler from 6-oxo in the capsules

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    Post seperating filler from 6-oxo in the capsules

    After all this reading about seperating binders and glues from fina and synovex; I'm wondering how it would be possible to seperate the actual 6-oxo from its filler in the gelcaps...

    this would possibly allow us to use it in some t-gel for the time being until t-oxo comes out...

    i know it may not be as simple... but just curious if there's some solvent for the powder where you can seperate the 6-oxo from its filler through some kind of filter (like a coffee filter)?

    post away

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    A little bit of leg work goes a long way and saves us all some hassle:

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