How do I make it (transdermal)

  1. How do I make it (transdermal)

    I used the t-gel from PN to make my own transdermal before, but they are out for who knows how long, so I thought I'd try making my own. I've decide on:

    EX: 40% iso
    25% ipm
    10% oa
    10% pg
    10% dmso
    5% d-lim

    But what are the steps to making it, do i just mix it all up like a cake or what? Please help, any advice would be appreciated!

  2. the recipe is around here somewhere.. do a search for recipe

  3. It was a sticky at the top of THIS form..
  4. I not seeing it..

    Me being just a complete moron is completely in the realm of possibility..but I still didn't see what order to mix them in, I have the recipe, but can't find how to "cook" it up.

    i read one guys post about a blender, but his turned out messy or something..

    maybe the fact that there is no "cooking" instructions means I should just mix it all up

  5. Bro I just added in all the ingredients in no special order then added the powder shook then heated till all dissolved. That's it bro. No need for a blender.

  6. Just mix them all together in any order. I find that it is best to use a glass spray bottle for this formula as it will eat plastic. When you have it all together just heat in a hot water bath untill it turns a nice yellowish color with no turbidity. Happy brewing bro.
  7. Thanks

    great help guys, I appreciate it

  8. Quote Originally Posted by the5thhorseman
    great help guys, I appreciate it
    could you use
    40% isopropyl alcohol
    30% isopropyl myrsirate
    30% dmso
    then what ever ph or ph's

  9. thats waayyy to much dmso...i'd stick to 10%. dmso will make you stink like garlic and it'll burn your skin.

  10. i really don't understand the use of dmso, from reading articles from Big Cat, he says that anything less then 50% in a solution is basically useless, because it doesn't act as a carrier, and any more it would hurt the solution and make it hard to be absorbed. So then it would be taking dmso first then use the solution, any thoughts on this?


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