International Customs

  1. International Customs

    Anyone have any information on this? I know most of you are in the USA, but anyone outside the USA or know how this works outside?

    See, where I live, like 1 in 10 orders I will get a letter from customs, and you go there and say what it is... They have you declare it if its not some super-ussual thing (like a book or something).

    How the heck do I explain transdermal PH? Lol. Like they'll ask me what is this? What do I say? I for sure know PH are not banned or on any list. But the thing is the customs guys need to write down something and declare it.

    Same thing with research-chem... Its not illegal, nor banned... But how the heck do I declare it?

    Any tips? Btw, these guys, sometimes their english isn't always the best.

  2. a libido booster applied on the skin.

  3. Well I won't be ordering any in any case, but that sounds like a fun declaration to give if I did lol Thanks.

    I'll just stick to food and vitamins for now. The legal vagueness of this stuff is killing me, lol.

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