DIY Transdermal Makeshift:

  1. DIY Transdermal Makeshift:

    Considering that I am traveling for the holidays (6+ weeks) and on a budget I have the following products on hand which would summate to a possible on-the-fly TD solution.
    The reason for my resourcefulness is I am out of Penetrate, and cannot make a full-on homebrew.

    So I am creating a makeshift- 7Keto Transdermal.
    using a hand sanitizer containing:
    PEG-75, Ethoxylated Lanolin, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol Propylene Glycol,
    Geraniol (another strong PE)- among other compounds. (including other Terpenes which are known for their PE properties)
    I have a small amount of IPA 70%
    and a homeopathic Tension Headache cream- made of menthol, euchalyptus, lemonbalm and peppermint- in a semi-emulsified composition.

    I refuse to use DMSO in my compounds due to the overal neural damage it can cause.
    Hanslick JL, Lau K, Noguchi KK, et al.. "Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) produces widespread apoptosis in the developing central nervous system.". Neurobiol Dis. (2008), Epub Ahead of Print.. PMID 19100327.

    considering the compounds I have at hand, and that several solution recipes I have read contain roughly 60% IPA : other ingredients. I was considering the use of 30% hand sanitizer + 10% homeopathic essential oil (tension headache balm) to the 60% IPA.
    I am purporting the following (and please correct my errors)-
    I am dosing it per cap.
    ie: dissolve 1 cap (100mg) of 7 Keto in a small volume of IPA. add 40% to that volume of hand sanitizer + headache balm mixture.

    Mix thoroughly - Apply.
    Like a single application concoction- (for maximum portability).

    I would appreciate your input- or other resourceful suggestions.


  2. hmm... ok. well perhaps a bit of logic for my madness:

    1) IPA has been used in the most crude transdermal hormonal preparations - there have been studies that IPA + active is transdermally active
    SERUM ANDROGEN LEVELS ARE ELEVATED AFTER TOPICAL APPLICATION OF 4-ANDROSTENEDIOL S.J.McGregor, S.K.Tsivitse, T.J.McLoughlin, F.X.Pizza. Exercise Physiology Laboratory, The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH.

    2) According to early recipes IPP + IPM were also used which are PE's - however so are most other terpenes (essential oils and spirits of certain herbs + citrus). So technically I could substitute IPM/IPP/octyl salicylate for an essential oil blend provided the stenghth of the ingredients. eg: geraniol, jojoba, niaouli, limonene, orange, menthol, euchalyptus , peppermint...oils.

    3)The homeopathic headache balm also contains various glyceride esters- and unsaturated fatty acids (such as avocado oil) which can replace caprylic acids/ MCT complexes/ Oleic Acid.

    4) two of the components also contain propylene glycol which is very useful for improving solubility of the 7 keto.

    I have tried to replicate a transdermal solution, using alternative components of the same categories of compounds that have been added into commercial lipophilic TD formulations.


    EDITORIAL NOTE on perceived effectiveness:
    I have been experimenting with this formulation- and considering that I assumed a 20% transdermal delivery of 7-oxo via these methods I woke up the last couple of days sore, unusually tired, and strangely sensitive to caffeine (which is extremely unusual for me considering I drink 4-6 cups of coffee daily)- with that noted, I am reducing the dosage of 7-oxo to 25 mg per prepared solution
    (smallest transdermally administered dosage according to studies)- and would work my way back up. However I find it safe to deduce that my makeshift must have a certain level of effectiveness.

  3. Update: after taking 7-keto for the last several weeks as a TD (instead of oral) -
    I get this strange sense of "worry free" calm that comes over me roughly 30 min. post administration. Never really noticed this on 25 or 50 mg oral.
    This leads me to deduce 2 things:
    1) Whatever is in the TD formula base apparently sedates me.
    2) My TD formulation is working- and the 7-Keto is more bioavailable transdermally.

    Appreciate any shared insights-



  4. what brand of 7-Keto product you use?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MAxximal View Post
    what brand of 7-Keto product you use?
    Jarrow (100 mg)- Couldnt find bulk- so I just break 1 cap into about 4 or 5 ml of fluid.

  6. months back i search for some 7 keto in bulk like you but not luck well since i been search brands for make exactly what you do but i have a concern with the pills you know i can broke or open caps but...the fillers of the pills?

    i found one brand with only one filler look:

    Twinlab Maxilife® 7-Keto™ -- 25 mg - 60 Capsules
    Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Purified Water.

  7. The fillers are an issue- the mixture is a bit grainy even after a hot water bath, but after the application dries there is no grainy residue- so Im assuming it get absorbed/dissolved too.

    From what Ive read most people use 7-keto caps too.

  8. how many caps you use in a bottle of Penetrate?

  9. depends how strong you want your dosage.

    According to the NP store:
    Penetrate has 215ml (8oz). Each pump is ~1.8 ml.

    * Adding 6gm will give you ~27mg/ml
    * Adding 5gm will give you ~23mg/ml

    so 1 bottle = 60 pills x 100 mg : 6 grams of 7 Keto

    I personally go cap by cap. so I pump out ~2-3 pumps and add 1 cap . mix in a little jar and warm up in a bath. keep that for the week. use about 1/5 (as a personal preference I dose 5 on 2 off) ~20 mg. The weekly mini-batches are a personal preference.

    @ 20mg I feel relaxed. Research suggests that DHEA has anti-anxiety effects, so with that in consideration: I am assuming that 7-Keto may share that property as well.
    People who take LX orally (7-OH) say they feel that same sense of relaxing-calmness after taking it. Ive never tried LX- so I cannot confirm these results.

    Have you felt more relaxed/calm after taking 7-Keto?

  10. well in my case i used in the old formula from Primordial Performance Dermatherm (really works) and orally from custom capsules ( my formulation) but i not noticed nothing.

  11. I heard the old (7-Keto) Dermatherm was really effective. I never used it though. Did you get a sense of relaxation or wellbeing after putting it on?

  12. no man only help me a lot with my belly fat

  13. Quote Originally Posted by MAxximal View Post
    i found one brand with only one filler look:

    Twinlab Maxilife® 7-Keto™ -- 25 mg - 60 Capsules
    Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Purified Water.
    Gelatin isn't a filler, its what the capsules are made of.
    That particular one is filler free from the looks of it.



  14. Quote Originally Posted by Antigravity View Post
    Gelatin isn't a filler, its what the capsules are made of.
    That particular one is filler free from the looks of it.


    this product is cheap i will a try!


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