Just a thought...and could it be possible?

  1. Just a thought...and could it be possible?

    I've been gathering info about the use of transdermal formestane, either from homemade way or from buying the pre-made topical. Anyway, I've also read during my search that skin posesses a higher concetration of 3b-HSD and 17b-HSD enzymes (at least this is what the pimorial performance site tell us to justify why DHEA and 1-Androsterone topicals work better then the oral ones). If so, when we use topical formestane we are having a higher conversion of the 4-OHA to 4-OHT. So my main questions here is: could or is this happen in real word or is just plain theories? And if this is what realy happens, is it legitim to atribute the effects of the topical formestane, not to it but to his target hormone 4-hydroxytetosterone?

  2. Anyone please?

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