complete TD noob need help!

  1. complete TD noob need help!

    Hey everyone, I've never heard of a transdermal until a few weeks ago, can someone just sum up how a TD cycle works, what exactly does it do to ur body, is it hormonal and does it shut down test production/require PCT etc. I'd love to kno more about this thanks!

  2. transdermal what...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by sanchezgreg18 View Post
    transdermal what...
    There's different types? Lol like I said I literally know notthing about anything that has to do with anything transdermal

  4. Depending on the substance you use you may need or not to do pct. For exemple, you have transdermal formestane wich doesn't need any pct that tapper down the dosage to the end of the cycle, and then you have transdermal trenbolone wich realy needs pct and has all the sides of the substance. Think this way: transdermal is only a diferent route to put some substances into your system without pills or injections, in every thing else is equal to the real deal (generaly speaking of course).

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