What if I don't have isopropyl myristrate and oleic acid?

  1. What if I don't have isopropyl myristrate and oleic acid?

    I have been reading these forums for probably 4 months now and I know you are not supposed to mess with the transdermal formula if one wants optimal absorption.

    However, if I decided to make a homebrew without the isopropyl myristrate and oleic acid would I still be able to get a decent amount of absorption? Currently I have :

    Isopropyl alcohol
    propylene glycol (also glycerin)
    DMSO Gel (90% gel (99% pure) mixed with 10% aloe vera)

    The reason for not buying the isopropyl myristrate and oleic acid are that I can only get them in 500ml bottles (30$ each) and I am only planning on making 2 250ml homebrew formulas.

    How can I adjust my ratios to make up for the chemicals I don't have? I would like to put in 6g 1-T and 9g 4AD if possible.
    (p.s. I should have just got a couple t-gel bottles, would have been cheaper)


  2. I would just order the two items you lack. I use the formula and it works grerat. I might use 8% DMSO next time as it tends to break me out and it smells bad. Did you try Lamange? That is where I get my supplies.

  3. If you are only making 2 bottles of 250 ml each, you are right, you should have probably bought the t-gel bottles. It is definitely cheaper to brew your own but thats only if you make alot (20-250 ml bottles).
    If all you have is IA, PG and dmso (10%?) and you want to make 500ml (2-250ml bottles) you are going to need 400ml of IA (80% of mixture), 50ml (10% of mixture) of PG and 50ml (10% of mixture) of dmso. Mix in your PH's and you are set.
    I'm not sure about skin irritation and that stuff but the dmso will get the PH's into your blood stream. 10% dmso is about the max you should use. Your breath/body will smell a little like garlic (my wife thinks I smelled like olives) go figure.
    The home brew does work great though. Truely great.

  4. In order of importance:

    10-20% DMSO
    ==> Use the higher amount if you are tolerant or less if not (irritation, smell, etc.)

    5-10% PG
    ==> Any more and it will have a greasy feel.

    Remainder of volume IA.

    IMO, you need to have the IPM and should spend the few dollars to make the brew that much better.


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