PhloJel Ultra..terrible rash/hives

  1. PhloJel Ultra..terrible rash/hives

    Anyone else get rash/hives with PhloJel Ultra & Fina ??

    About 3 weeks into using a finaplix/Phlojel transdermal I broke out with a terrible rash (with hives). Itched like a mother. First time using both fina & Phlojel, so I'm not sure which cause the reaction (too bad as I was getting great results)

  2. ure skin is covered in bacteria at all times. You must make sure the area is super clean always or that bacteria is also being carried and ure gonna get a rash. I got a bd one from dermacrine because i didnt shower one day before applying

  3. I was pretty good cleaning first, even cleaning with alcohol before applying the transdermal. Frustrating, cause I'm not sure if it was the Fina or the Phlo that caused the rash...maybe it was the fillers as I didn't bother to separate them from the finaplix (ie..just crushed the 4 or 5 pills up in the Phlo with a little alcohol)

    Guess I will switch to the needle next time.

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