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    Why would you need a methylation in a topical product? It will just worse the possibility of absorption because of the molecular weight of the methyl group.
    you wouldn't if itis a replacement it would not need to be methylated now would it due to it beiing a topical there would be no need for methylated to be in in it
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  2. A legal topical that converts to Test and is more potent than say androgel?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by metalman View Post
    A legal topical that converts to Test and is more potent than say androgel?
    Haha I think they are looking for something that is possible
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Grambo View Post
    Haha I think they are looking for something that is possible
    I agree
    Team Orbit

  5. hmmmm, as long as we are wishing

    2-methyl-retro-testosterone, retro-androstanediol and 2-oxymethylene-retro-testosterone
    The Dutch were able to make retro-anabolics because they were in possession of a natural substance with this kind of Z-structure. Reading the patent, this turns out to be lumista-4,22-dien-3-one. The researchers used this component to build dozens of retro-analogues of anabolic steroids known at the time.

    For example, they made a retro-form of methandienone, but this was not an interesting compound. Dianabol is a steroid that has no progesterone effect and in low doses doesn’t inhibit the natural production of testosterone. Retro-dianabol is also anabolic, does have a considerable progesterone effect and inhibits the body’s own production of testosterone.

    Most of the hormones that the Dutch researchers made were anti-hormones. And most had a much weaker effect than the regular analogues. But in the table on page 106 there are three anabolic steroids listed that might have been pretty interesting.

    The three retro-anabolic steroids had an anabolic effect but not an androgenic effect, and had few other side effects. They were compounds 28, 49 and 66: 2-methyl-retro-testosterone, retro-androstanediol and 2-oxymethylene-retro-testosterone.

    As far as we know, retro-anabolic steroids have never made it onto the market. The company that the Dutch worked for, Duphar based in Weesp, probably directed its attention in a different direction and never did anything with the anabolic steroids.

  6. where will these be sold?
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  7. First we must know how anabolic they are (we don't care about substances that are less anabolic than Promagnon and don't even have androgenic hability on the market), if they are effective in-vivo, and then if they are possible to use transdermaly or on pill form, because if they were that good they should have been the first ones to apear on the 2nd generation of designers.

  8. Any updates on this?
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  10. any updates on these releases LG?

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  11. I would like to see a 4-dhea 1-dhea combo from you guys.

    As well as one of those 7-ketos you mentions, but i dont have knowledge in which one would be better, i Would prefer the one that is safest. I have a feeling some of these designer ketos might alter your hormones a littble. Another good anti-cortisol product for pct would be good. You could also make a more potent anti-cortisol, along the aligns of one of those designer -7-ketos or 11-oxo.

    Also the ecdy product, ive been wanted to try an ecdy product that would work correctly. You could mix ecdy with an anti-cortisol, im shure those would stack well. Anabolic, hopefully not affected hormones at all, low side effects.

  12. booby cream!

  13. 7-Keto DHEA, 7-Keto Etiocholanolone

  14. sounds good. where is it

  15. BUMP !


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