How much TD formestane as an AI

  1. How much TD formestane as an AI

    right now i'm using 250mg of sustanon,75mg halodrol, 50mg proviron, and about 350IU hcg 2 times per week. I'm feeling like my estrogen may be a little high. How many milligrams of TD formestane should i apply to lower my estrogen a bit?

    I was running a bigger cycle before and now i'm tapering down a bit and getting ready for my pct i'll prob be on sustanon for another 3-4 weeks but would like my libido that i had before i upped the HCG and the test started to really kick in.

    50mg/day 100mg/day?

  2. found it it's either or. i'll do 100mg since i will be using pp's carrier and a teaspoon. A teaspoon is 5ml which will come out to about 100mg. 1ml is 20.8mg if 5 grams is mixed in so this bottle will last 6 weeks which is more than enough. looks like i'll have enough to run during PCT also. It should work nicely with clomid.

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