A crazy idea...

  1. A crazy idea...

    Since I've bought some Novedex XT back in March I've had servral ideas to use it in my benefit, and one of them was turning it into a trandermal creating this way a 3-OHAT/ATD transdermal.
    This idea has come to my head as a way to low the dose that comes in a single pill because I've had some libido and joint issues after 3 days of using just one pill per day, so I guess it might be over dosed to someone like me.
    So I'm thinking about using Nutra's Penetrate to make the trandermal, but how can I separate the fillers from the active compounds? And does any one knows what's 3-OHAT molecular mass or if it's possible to use it transdermaly?
    Any reply is very apreciated

  2. I have seen ATD in a transdermal for what its worth....it should work... but it may be tough to seprate fillers if you are using pills.

  3. Hum, so for what I've seen from the product effects by itself through the oral delivery (and I'm talking about the 3-OHAT/ATD blend), and it sure does the trick - dry joints, lowered libido, loss of 2 pounds in water in such a few time - so it should work the same way transdermaly, but what is the average dosage of ATD used in trandermal products?
    Yes, that is the main problem of this idea. Because this supplement is selled in caps, so decapsulate it isn't hard at all, neither the part of blending the product with the Penetrate. So I do need to know how to seperate the fillers from the 3-OHAT/ATD. Does anyone have a clue about how to do it?

  4. Broly, since it's already effective orally, why not just lower the dosage? Dump half the contents of one cap into some juice and swig it down. That leaves you with half a cap for your next dose.

  5. But if have it in a controlled low concentration product, I could taper it up untill I find the sweet spot for me. I prefer tapper things upwards than downwards.
    But still it's a good idea to think about.
    Btw, there's the possibility that the cap is the decisive factor in the oral bioavalability of the product in question? If not since it has a steroid-like structure (I guess) what should be the product that I should use to wash it down the throat? (I thinking about a thread here were there was somone talking about fatty products to be the better to deliver this kind of stuff)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Broly View Post
    Btw, there's the possibility that the cap is the decisive factor in the oral bioavalability of the product in question?
    I've never used it, but I'm sure it's just a gelatin capsule. I doubt adding it to oil will help/hinder the effects.

  7. Yeah, and I belive that gelatin isn't a AI absorption booster (if so, clomid and others alike whould be capped due to gelatin power).
    About the oil, thanks for the opinion


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