Facemans Test Prop/Tren Ace/Anavar log

  1. Facemans Test Prop/Tren Ace/Anavar log

    So I figured I would log my cycle.
    This is my second cycle. My first one was test cyp and dbol.
    This one is :
    Test Prop 100mg EOD
    Tren Ace 75mg EOD
    Anavar 50mg ED

    I am going to be doing carb cycling, HIIT, and obviously intense lifting.
    Today will be my 3rd pin day. The first one did not hurt at all. But the second one has left my left leg so sore I can hardly bend it. Hopefully the next one will go better.

  2. you are going to blow the kcuf up on this cycle man. and that is a VERY hardcore cycle for your second one. tren ace is serious and i would not recommend running it that high for your second cycle. i took 175 a week at your weight and i fealt like it was certainly enough.

    microwave bean bag on your shot site will make the soreness MUCH better fyi.

    how long you running this cycle and whats your PCT look like?

  3. I am only running it 8 weeks. And my post will be
    clomid 50/50/50/50
    nolva 40/30/20/20

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