Hi, I have been looking through this and many other sites for quite awhile now. Lots of great info. I am 6'2" and down to 236 from 255 in about a month and a half. On my second day of fina and test base I made from synovex, which didn't turn out how I figured, lol but looks fine in the end. Its gonna be 8 weeks, and I am dieting hardcore for the first 4. Second 4 will be munching down the protein. Taking 840 mgs Fina a week along with 1 gram of test base all with pure dmso. Love tha BURN. Wondering thou, I know its only the second day, and my calories are mad restricted, but how long does it take for the tests effects to show, as far as increased libido and all. Took fina alone before and didn't really feel anything, no extra anger or any other sides other than ed.... Oh and a good jump in strength too!!! I realize some feel its a waste to diet on gear, but I have dieted down from 305 ta 200 and lost alot of strength. Won AWPC juniors in 99 in the 309 pound class and set several world records in that org. at the time, I felt really fat thou and at the time had been completely clean. Years later I felt I had plateaued and hit my natural best and wanted more. I have worked out since I was 11 and I'm 31. I did 1500 calories a day and lost it in 6 months with a few cheat days in there. I wanna lose the little extra fat I have now and not lose so much or any muscle then try to bulk for a month and still try to eat right. Taking clomid, vitex, and anti aromatase for keeping any sides hopefully at bay. And will pct properly. Lol but yea, the libido thing, any ideas on time frame, week, etc. lol. Bout ta go hit bench and have had 1100 calories so far today. Ik ik bad me, I should eat more, I am just ocd and all and when I do something I go extreme. Really appreciate any answers on that libido lol. Oh the only other gear I have done was Anadrol 50 back when I was 23, took 2 or 3 a day for awhile. Didn't have any real sides and gained mad strength, but I think I like transdermal fina better.