TD test base recipe

  1. TD test base recipe

    Hi everybody,
    I started yesterday a TD test base cycle.
    I've never used AAS before, didn't want to take orals, and wanted avoid injectables, so I decided to try TD.
    My weight is 80kg, about 8/10% BF, 1m74
    I take TD formestane ( but I'm not prone to gynecomastia, that's why I don't take a strong AI ) + propecia cause I'm a little prone to hair loss.

    I want to take 150mg/day, according 40% absorption it gives 60mg/day into bloodstream, and 420mg/week.

    My TD is made with Phlojel.
    Concentration is 100mg/mL
    So sunday afternoon I took 1g of test base powder, and added gradually 10g of phlojel with a synrige, during mixing.

    Monday, I woke up very happy I tried to apply 1.5ml on my chest and biceps, BUT powder wasn't dissolved at all, and I had white residues on my skin.
    It looked like there was sand into my cream....

    So monday afternoon I took 100mg of test base, and added olive oil to dissolve the powder.
    I added 1g of phlojel, and had no résidues on my skin !!

    Today, I tried to dissolve 100mg of test base with acetone, and mixed it with 1g of phlojel. I had a little résidues, but really less than with phlojel alone.
    I tried to take 1ml of my phlojel + test base to see if phlojel had dissolve powder, but It didn't. It may take more than 48 hours.
    Will try again tomorrow, with 72 hours.

    I have few questions : the test powder seems to be dissolved into olive oil, and into acetone.
    So the assimilation should be better, but do those solvant counteract with phlojel action ?

    I've readen here that I could dissolve my powder with DMSO, and add it to Phlojel.
    But I don't find here (I live in europe, ps: excuse my English lol ) and it's expensive with the shipping fees.

    Or should I try to homemade a solution

    Or should I order some penetrate and adding some DMSO ?

    I really don't know if all this amount of test powder is in my bloodtream, because I don't feel being on cycle, my training sensations are good but that is probably because my kcalories intake is up.

  2. hi, well after one week :
    I took about 150-200mg test base a day.
    To compound it, I took 200 mg powder, added ethyl alcohol, then added slowly 2 ml of phlojel.
    I don't feel any difference in my mirror, but I took 3 or 4 lbs, with my high caloric diete.
    I hadn't increase my body fat, maybe I'm little bloated.
    So I'm happy with this, I hope I'll again gain weight this week.

  3. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. Lao Tse 6th century BC

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