considering 1-T, but what to take with it?

  1. considering 1-T, but what to take with it?

    I wanna try a transdermal, and was wondering if there's anything to check on if taking say epistane, P-Plex, or m-drol with it.....debating trying 1-T...Thanks!!
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    I give a f**K!!

  2. with epi a destructive monster formula!!!!!!

  3. 1-t tren + m-drol would be one hell of a cycle if youve got the guts, personally I will never use m-drol but 1-t tren looks great...

  4. Currently doing 1-T and pulsing SD&PP 3x Per Week. trying to gain some mass without the fat gain, working well thus far too. Overall size and strength is way up mate and have dropped a waist size in 4 weeks.

  5. I hear this Tren-250 stuff is all the craze and it's legal. Is this hype or does Tren-250 really work ???

  6. I would say 1T and Epistane ot 1T and PMag would be sick

    1-T Tren!
    Team Orbit

  7. i second that.....1-T and Havoc would be a pretty sick stack.

  8. Well sounds good!!

    Now yall s'pose a regular epistane PCT would be sufficient?

    Last 2 epi cycles I just did nolva, restore, and alpha drive, and lost maybe 2 pounds during PCT.

    Thanks for the opinions so far!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  9. i was wondering the exact same question about what would be a good stack with 1-T i was going to plan a epi/tren cycle next month but can do so many things now i stoked up from the NP sell im running one next month just want some seggestions so i can get support and pct in place for it


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