Max mg's per ml in transdermal spray

  1. Max mg's per ml in transdermal spray

    Calling Chemo or anyony who may know the answere to my question.
    My question is : What is the max mg's of prohormones/prosteroids that can be added to a homebrew transdermal spray of 360ml that consists of the following amounts? I have read before to keep it to 50mg/ml, but is that the max amount.

    40% Iso Al.
    30% Iso Myr.
    10% DMSO
    10% Olic Acid
    8% Prop. Gyl.
    2% D-Lim.

    This is my first post and the info I've received on this forum has been exceptional!!!!!

  2. You will want to keep it to below 15g /240 ml that is equal to about 62mg/ml. But watch out with 4-ad max would be about 10 from what i have found. Ohterwise it will not go into solution. Hope that helps.. TTY
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  3. Thanks curt2go for the reply.

    What I was planning to go with is 7g 4AD, 7g 1-Test and 7g 4-OH-Test for a
    total of 21g in a 360ml spray solution. That will come out to 58.3mg/ml. Should all of this be able to dissolve in the solution seeing that it is below the 62mg/ml in your reply.

    Also, I have never found anything on this board about what order to mix the recipe ingredients and when to add in the ph's. The only thing I have ever read about is the heating of the solution to help dissolve the ph's.

    I have no problem with the conversions/numbers (oz's to ml's and mg's/ml)
    seeing that I have a huge math background, the only help I need is what is asked above.


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