Hi Guys,

This is going to be an experiment. I am going to coincide it with lifting as heavy weights as possible to see if I get a strength increase.

Here is my reasoning for each bit:

2 weeks of 1T-Tren 5 pumps per day as strength gains have been shown in logs to start before day 12. Also, side effects seem to start like loss of libido around the 2 week mark.

2 weeks of 10g per day of a compounded 10% test cream. At least with androgel, the test levels can fall again after two weeks, I guess from increased estrogen. Also, two weeks is too short to trigger shutdown of natural T production (?)

3 weeks of arimidex at .25 mg on Monday and Thursday for total .5 mg per week. This will hopefully keep the sides down and prevent gyno symptoms which have started around the 2 week mark for several people running 1T-Tren. An extra week of the arimidex will be PCT, although with a 2 week cycle, there might not be any shutdown.

I have also ordered some P5P, tyrosine and vitex, but Costa Rican customs may seize it, so I will be left with about a 2 week stash of I3C and some American Ginseng, which has been shown to reduce prolactin to run maybe PCT with the arimidex.

I still need to nail down the method to apply all this cream. Can I just mix them together when I apply them, or should I put them on different parts of the body? Mixing could enhance the test absorption as the 1T-Tren probably has a better carrier, but it could also reduce the 1T-Tren absorption.

Anyway, the goal is to get a strength increase with no sides/shutdown and maybe to be able to do these mini-cycles every 6 weeks to coincide with training peaks.

Any suggestions?