I was prescribed Androderm today

  1. I was prescribed Androderm today

    For my somewhat low test levels
    Im almost 29 and he said to wear 1 patch a day for the next 3 months each patch gives out 5mg of test it says.

    Is this going to do anything for me in the gym or is this too low of dosing?

    What do you guys think of upping it to two patches a day for 10mg per day?

  2. I can't answer your first question but I will put in my $.02 on using two patches. If that was not suggested or prescribed for two patches, don't do it. The 'somewhat low test levels' you speak of could suffer greatly once you cycle off of a higher dose of Andro, making your situation and the way you feel ultimately much worse. Ask your doctor what he thinks about doubling it, and tell him you're looking for hypertrophic gains from this as well. See what he says.

  3. You would have to cover yourself in those patches to see any serious gains.

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