low test after 3mths of TRT

  1. low test after 3mths of TRT

    Had low libido for years along with an incredibly hard time packing on muscle. Finally went to doc & 1st test of my levels was at 190. I'm 29 years old. Put me on 5mg TESTIM per day. Had my 3 month test & my levels are at 83! WTF?

    Did the doc underdose me so that my body shut down & did'nt have enough synthetic to bring me to a decent level? But I can't see how the max of 100mg per day would get me over 200 at that rate. Whats the deal?

  2. Before I got my results back I changed over to inject 100mg Test Cyp per week. So the doc never reviewed my results on the TESTIM. What should the Cyp bring levels to? I feel it will more surely get my levels up to normal.

  3. It's odd that the doctor wouldn't look at your levels while on the Testim. 100mg of Test Cyp per week should bring you way up past 83; atleast mid-range around 400-500 I'd guess. Guys on HRT can help you more here. Check out the Anti-Aging forum.

  4. Good idea. I'm headed to the ani-aging forum now.

    My doc disregarded the test since I changed from the gel to injectable the same day I had blood drawn. My schedule was not alowing me the window I needed to absorb the gel every day. I thought he would at least look at it out of curiosity. Instead they just mailed the result to me straight from the lab.

  5. some people just dont respond well to the gel. You should get much better results from the IM's



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