Desperately need help, with Compounded Testosterone Gel Advice

  1. Desperately need help, with Compounded Testosterone Gel Advice

    Hows it going everyone? This is not my First time here, But its my first time posting

    I'am a 25 year old overweight Male with very very low Test Levels, People think i'am 17 years old all the time, and I have been this way ever since a teen. Its Horrible i Know. Anyways At age 18 i was put on 1 packet of 5gs Androgel Daily, And After 6-8 months i lost 80lbs, without changing my diet or working out, It was Great, and i relized the reason I was so overweight and looked so young. Long Story Short i lost my insurance and got off it and been that way ever since.

    About 5 months ago i decided i couldnt live like this any longer, and got put on 5g Testim Daily. I was on it for about a month and was just starting to fell ok again, But i couldnt afford the price and got put on 1% Compounded Testosterone Gel 8gs instead, After not felling anything I got swithced to 2% 10gs, Then after 2 more months of not felling any changes im at 2% 15gs Daily. My pharmacy makes it in a clear gel that leaves White Flakey Powder all over me when it drys, I just decided i have to find another pharmacy to compound it for me, which i will be going to tomorrow. Do you think they werent making it correctly? Or do i just not absorb the gel they make? I never had this problem with Androgel in the past.... What should i look and ask for when finding a new pharmacy to compound it? Anyone else have this problem????? Please Help

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  3. honestly since its going to be forever for you, i'd look into doing injections instead. its easier and cheaper, and runs no risk of transfer to others.

  4. Go to the bottom of this page and call the number for a free consult. This is a very reputable company where my doc gets his compounded t-cream for his patients. The stuff absorbs within 20 seconds and is amazing. I am feeling very good so far and it has only been 2 week. Do a google search for pharmacy rx solutions. It will be the first search result. They are based out of Tampa. Good luck !

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