Penetrate and broken caps

  1. Penetrate and broken caps

    I know this might be a retarded question but would it work if some broke all the Hdrol pills that came in one bottle and mixed it with penetrate to make a transdermal in hopes of a higher bio availability. Or do the caps have filler in them or why would this not work? or would it work?

  2. No need. Hdrol is 98 - 99% bioavailable orally. Making it dermally would just decrease it's effectiveness in this case. Same goes for all other methylated hormones.
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  3. He's right
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  4. what about something like glutamine? i mean with its terribly poor bio availability and all. but it is proven to work well intraveinously. So would penetrate work with powder l glutamine?

  5. No it wouldn't
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  6. glutamine has good oral availability, it's just that splanic absorption is very high. you need to take larger amounts to compensate.
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