My Transdermal Cycle

  1. My Transdermal Cycle

    Just wanted to shout out to Johnny21 for all his insite while I homebrewed my transdermal...Just starting week 3 of 200mg test powder stacked with 200mg Tren in phlogel once per day (stole the info from Johnny's log dosage wise) far no real acne great pumps in the gym end of last week beginning of this week...have developed a bitch of a sore throat though no other cold symptoms anyone ever heard of this? I have heard of tren cough but thats with pinning only I thought..Any input would be apprec...Jacob

  2. Well just an update something developed that I thought I would not be bothered to much by...Blood pressure has gone from 116/77 in 3 weeks to 155/95......totally sucs for me never had problems before with PH blood pressure wise.. but apparently the real deal carries much stronger sides Blood pressure wise..Figuring that Hawthorne Berry maybe to late to start now...I may have to stop my cycle and let things settle down..any advice..Jacob

  3. Don't stop the cycle unless you are paronoid, buy some celery seed extract which works right away in alleving bp.
    doing my own thang!

  4. roids make you have high blood pressure i know it sucks. good thing i dont roid it LOL

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