Help separating the active from the filler to make a transdermal

  1. Help separating the active from the filler to make a transdermal

    I know you need acetone and coffee filters but how do you do this?

    Im trying to seperate adrenosterone from the filler in 11 test to make a topical

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  2. BC im using powder from caps i need to remove the fillers from the powder, and ethanol extraction appears like it might work... Id get 95% Everclear(with the other 5% being only water), combine it with the powder, seal, shake and put in a dark cool place... seems like the longer the better? then when your ready to extract it you'd pour it through a medical grade filter, and then pour more Everclear through the filter to get the remaining ph that might still be in the filter.

    so one of three options:
    *leave it in the alcohol, and put in a spray bottle to spray directly to the skin. i believe before spraying it on your skin you could rub DMSO on top of that to further enhance absorbtion-- and perhaps doing this during a .5-1g niacin flush to optimize this further.

    *let it sit in a dish and wait for the ethanol to evaporate, and collect the powder. Add to penetrate.

    *or put the container inside of a pot of warm water to accelerate the evaporation, and then collect the powder. Add to penetrate.

  3. quoting something i just posted than im waiting on a response for...

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