Gaylord Chem DMSO availability ?

  1. Gaylord Chem DMSO availability ?

    Hey gents,
    I was wondering where one may purchase Gaylord Chem DMSO ? Can you purchase it off of their website ? Do they have any online venders ?

    I know that the CEM store once carried it, but not anymore, which is reason enough for me to suspect that there are some underground, online based retailers that carry it. Any information is much appreciated.

  2. Umm.... interesting name for a product there....

  3. laugh it up all you body beats them in DMSO. They make all of the orthodox arguments against use of DMSO in TD formulations obsolete because they offer a purified finished product without the impure metabolite that causes the stench issues.

    Please someone help me find Gaylord Chem DMSO USP !!!

  4. Why don't you try contacting JGUNS or one of the other CEM guys and see if they can still get it?

  5. SoCo,
    Is JGUNS the same person as JBoldman? In that case, I sent him a PM as well as a reply to a post in which he suggested Gaylord DMSO as a superior alternative to other brands of DMSO because of it's purity and non existent odor related side effect.

    Thanks for the advice, does JGUNS post on AnabolicMinds? I will look into this...

    Quote Originally Posted by SoCo4Fun View Post
    Why don't you try contacting JGUNS or one of the other CEM guys and see if they can still get it?

  6. Naw..JGUNS and JBoldman are two different people...JGUNS posts over at CEM mainly...

  7. I tried buying it direct. No way will they sell their Procipient Pharma Grade to bros. I even made up a good story and didn't tell them I was using it for transdermals. They still told me to pound it. If you find some let me know.

    I wouldn't get too hung up on oderless DMSO, though. I talked to some bros. From what I found out after I tried to get Procipient, so-called "oderless" DMSO isn't so oderless after all.


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