Separating Fillers from Finaplix / Trenbolone

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  1. you can crush the pellets and take them orally most people dont realise that. You get about 20% orally and about the same tramsdermaly. Patrick arnold has stated this several time also fina pellets orally are one of the most common steroids prisoners use why I dont know other then there wives and girlfriends or who ever can buy it legaly. But you do not have to remove the fillers they are harmless. I would not inject them but before the net people use to just crush them in oil and inject filler an all with no ill consequences.

  2. how much should i shoot for taking them orally (tabs)? i weigh 240 lbsw 6' tall, triglyceride levels are a little high.

  3. also can i use the alchohol method for getting the fillers off then use it IM or something? thx

  4. Quote Originally Posted by skazman View Post
    Dissolve them in any pure alcohol (99% iso should work ok) - the hormone will dissolve, but the binders will not. Then you can either decant it or just filter it through a coffee filter.

    Finally, let the alcohol evaporate off and you should have fairly pure trenbolone acetate.
    Fina Farm claims their solution contained within their 'Aroma' kits are a "Trade Secret" and a closely guarded ingredient. I highly doubt (although I would be very happy if it were true) using iso or any other house hold alcohol will be entirely effective at dissolving the active Tren-Acetate molecule and liberating it completely from the pellet fillers and binders/contaminants.

    Considering cost and the increased investment of time, purchasing of additional materials and solutions, and attempting to rub globs of cream on yourself daily in an attempt to get enough active constituent into the body to impart any noticeable anabolism, I would just visit Fina Farm, convert, and inject.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MF210 View Post
    I really don't want to pin yet, but I know that's what everybody says. Tren will suck for a first timer, since you need to shoot ED or EOD. What is the slimmest gauge pin I could shoot with? I don't want to be stickin' a 22 gauge EOD....especially my first time.
    I use 22g or 23g on everything... there is no pain, and I can completely relate with you on the fear of pain, however after your first injection you will literally get giddy with excitement repeating over and over again "That was it!?" The initial penetration of the needle through the skin and into the muscle tissue, if done properly, is sincerely nothing more than a slight sensation that cannot be discerned from a quick light pinch.


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