complete newbie...

  1. complete newbie...

    Hey all, this is one of my first few posts here......


    5'5 145

    I have been off an on with working out for about a year but have been steadily perfecting my diet....never EVER thought of using anything pro-steroid until recently.

    I have been very interested in this whole recomping thing....which seems impossible outside of PH/anabolics...most people say its either cut or bulk

    right now my body looks like crap, I have good size arms, I can sorta see my abs, and I have a ton of lower chest fat...the diet has helped make me look a little better- but I want a damn good beach body

    so...I believe I will be running a cycle of PP's 1-t....I want to ask the vets if they think its cool for someone who is just starting to get dedicated in the gym and never used anything like this to go full force with it (I know about PCT and all of that....) and any advice?!?!?

  2. How old are you?

  3. and realistically if its upper chest fat, i'd be more inclined to suggest you wait a little till formestane powder becomes available again and use it as a transdermal instead. odds are fair that part of the chest fat is from high estrogen levels if you can see abs

  4. I'm 20....and no its lower chest fat, my upper and side of pecs are pretty ripped, I can't really see my abs I can see the outline of like one or 2 of them, I don't have a "gut" per say but I have fat that makes most of my abs impossible to see and I have minor love handles.....I'm at about 15% and I guess I'd like to hit about 10%....any better suggestions with regards to supplements/ drugs (I don't want to do full blown anabolics at this point) but maybe a stimulant or a PH could be suggested along with a good workout routine....I'm thinking recomp?

  5. 1-t likely wont help, so thats a bad idea. really diet + cardio are your friends here

  6. why is 1-t a bad idea? people have said its great for a recomp...I know many people use it for bulk though, I'm not fat by any means...I have good muscle I just need to uncover it
    I know a full on cut is probably what I want to do, but I figure theres certainly some supplements or somethin that can assist 10 fold

  7. at 20, its a bad idea. Plus it is more of a bulker than a recomper. I haven't seen any logs where it showed good success as a recomp. You are likely better off as i said using formestane to lower estrogen if you really want to try a transdermal (or either ATD or 6-oxo as oral) along with diet + more cardio.

  8. well i dont really worry about transdermal i oonly posted in here because I thought I was going to do my big thing is cutting the remaining fat from my lower chest and abs/ minor love handles....I just want to get that beach body look!

  9. If you continue your weight training, have your diet super clean, and do cardio that should rid the problems you speak of. Thats what ive been doing and so far the handles are almost gone. I also tinkered with Ripped Fuel Extreme and it had my energy way up. Im in Iraq until July so im looking for that same body you crave.

  10. You've been working out "off an on" for only a year. You should consider evaluating the progress you've made so far vs the amount of effort you've given before you make that decision. I'd suggest maybe taking a fat burner like Leviathan Reloaded.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Swelly View Post
    well i dont really worry about transdermal i oonly posted in here because I thought I was going to do my big thing is cutting the remaining fat from my lower chest and abs/ minor love handles....I just want to get that beach body look!
    Im bumping what most everyone else said here pro-hormones roids are not magic muscle pills. That said the only and I mean only thing that will help you is diet and cardio. You said that your diet is "perfected" why not throw it up and let us take a crack at it for you. I know when ever i start cutting or "recomping" I always have my bros over at my home board check my food before it goes into my mouth. That said "recomp" is a longer process than cutting and with your size and age pro-hormones is one of the absolute worst Ideas I have ever heard, if your still set on taking them because "tat doesnt know what hes talking about" I can provide you with links to actual medical studies that show utilizing this stuff when your body has yet to hit its hormone production peak is disastrous to your potential to produce testosterone continually and at the amount your body would ultimately be able too. just my .02 though you do whatever you want


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