Alternatives to a mortar and pestle?

  1. Alternatives to a mortar and pestle?

    What are some other effective ways to grind/crush powders in to a finer state other than a mortar and pestle? The ones they sell @ the local store are $16.99. Seems like a lot of money just to grind up some powder...

  2. considering you wont waste any (or very little) that way, the alternatives kinda suck. I'd spend the money.

    Coffee grinder will work, but your gonna loose a lot of powder. Rolling pin with pills between sheets of plastic wrap will work, but the wrap can tear.

  3. 2 spoons. its just slow

  4. The thing is, the mortar & pestle are made for that purpose & nothing else: there's not really a better alternative, if what you're after is a fine powder - modern technology has refined the m&p somewhat, but it's just hard (and annoying) to try & fake the real thing.

    I remember one guy here used two coasters to grind things smooth, but obviously, YMMV.

    I have two: one old-style stone, one modern composite (for dentists & pharmas) - and the one excels where the other fails...and vice-versa. I need them both.

  5. First, get a butter knife and chop the pill in half. Drop the halves into a rounded thick plastic or wooden bowl. grab a wooden spoon, mallet, or something with a smooth rounded edge. Place your hand over the bowl and slide the spoon between your index and middle or middle and ring finger to avoid lost peices and start choppin! This is an extremely tedious way to grind pills but I can almost promise you that you'll grind every single peice into a fine powder after about 5-6 minutes per pill. If I had a choice, I'd pony up the 17 bucks and save myself a ton of time! This method I described could probably double as a light forearm workout because it's that much of a pain in the a$$! Good Luck....

  6. Consensus seems to be to just go buy the thing and be done with it. BTW I'm working with powder here NOT pills. I want to be able to grind the powder down as fine as I can to avoid graininess when I mix up my transdermal.

  7. Right: just go buy the thing.

    If I were working up some crystally stuff, I'd grab the modern apothecary style;
    if I were working on a chalky powder or something like that I'd go old-skool w/ the stone variety.

    Check eBay for a wide variety.

  8. 2 giant spoons work perfect for when I need to crush things.

  9. Fair enough, dude - lemme know how that works for reducing a powder to a finer powder.

  10. Seemed to work well, powder was definitely less grainy than before. Hopefully it all dissolved in my TD and doesn't clog the pump...


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