making e-form

  1. making e-form

    hey i have a 5g tub of formestane powder and dermabolics transport matrix to make myself some e-form since it isnt being sold im confused on the dosing of the product..i dont know how much formestane to put into the solutiion (its an 8oz. bottle of the carrier matrix). I dont know the right dosing/how many sprays a day/ and how i know im getting the right amount in each spray, since i am mixing it myself. Can anyone help me with the correct way to mix it in so that im getting the correct dose. Im using it on my chest to try and reduce some pubertal gyno and puffy nips

    thanks to anyone who helps!

  2. Do a seach for "Neoborn's Formestane / EForm FAQ"

    That thread should really help you out

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