Blue Heat as a carrier for ATD

  1. Blue Heat as a carrier for ATD

    So I am looking for some input on what you guys think about using McTarnahans Absorbent Blue Lotion as a carrier for ATD. The lotion is a liniment made for horses but very popular with powerlifters, here is the ingredients:
    Methyl Salicylate 3%
    Menthol 1.7%
    Camphor 1.7%
    Deionized water
    glyceryl stearate
    isopropyl alcohol
    methyl paraben
    propyl paraben
    FD & C Blue #1
    I am thinking about adding 1g of ATD to 200ml of the lotion to get 25mg per 5ml.
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  3. Sounds interesting, but im not sure how effective a carrier that is....have others used it for transdermal delivery? On another note have you used transdermal ATD in the past? and if so did it affect your libido any differently than when you took ATD orally?

  4. Hm. That carrier seems pretty "loaded" with ingredients already, so I think you can't really know if (or how much) ATD will even be absorbed in it, or into you, with any certainty. But there are is a good carrier by Primordial Performance called "Penetrate".

    As far as the Transdermal ATD, I am using one now as part of my PCT. The product is called "AIFM" by Anafit. I like it a lot, and it is really effective. Be careful though, as I dosed it badly (for me). I used the minimum 2 sprays a day and it shot my libido and energy to hell. I mean bad like I had never felt before. My fault, but you just cant tell how much aromatase you have. Not much, in my case apparently.

    I've dropped the dosage down and it's working great now. I feel 100% better. I've heard the same about oral ATD, but I think people may be over-dosing it and killing their estrogen completely, which leads us to feeling like crap. Just gotta play with the dosage a bit.

    Good luck!

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