Androgel and Phlojel

  1. Cool Androgel and Phlojel

    Does anyone know how to mix these two together ? should I expose the Andro to the air and let it crystalize or just squeeze it out and mix with the Phlo. Ratio too?


  2. Why would you want to mix these together?

  3. I heard the Phlojel helps Androjel with better absorbtion.

  4. From what I understand Androgel uses a carrier similar to phlogel. I am not absolutely sure about this, but you would be diluting the Andro considerably by cutting it. So, whatever penetration you gain would be offset by the lower % of testosterone. Unless of course you drown yourself in gel.

    I would use as much heat on the application area before and after the application as you can stand, i.e. hot shower, microwavable heat wraps etc. This is huge in improving absorption and can increase it by as much as 30%. You can also use a 1mz ultrasound therapy unit. Again, this increases absortion many times over (900 times using a carrier of Etoh/Linoleic Acid) this would certainly assist the Andro. Finally, after applying the Andro you could use DMSO,EtOH and/or Emu oil over the site to further scavenge the remaining test.

    This sounds time consuming, but it really isn't. People say,"oh, that's too much work, blah, blah, blah", but how long does it take to prepare a shot every day? Not to mention, I don't particularly like sticking a 1-1/2" pin in my arse ED or EOD.

    Have fun!

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