Transdermal Boldenone base

  1. Transdermal Boldenone base

    Say you had 10 grams of pure boldenone base, and you wanted to run a transdermal with it, how much do you think you would need to apply a day to get a decent result?

  2. I used 150-200mg a day, and was happy with the results.

  3. How long did you run it, and how long before the base kicks in? WHat did you dose it like? How did you prepare the transdermal solution. I have DMSO and some penetrate from Nutra. Can you compare it to running bold IM?

  4. I ran it TD after a couple weeks of doing injections with base. I used phlojel/dsmo @100mg/ml. TD doses varied from 150-200mg split into two applications. I liked the TD better because i kept getting results, and it is much more comfortable then injecting daily. The bold TD felt the same to me as injecting EQ. By the end of the first week i knew it was working by the way i looked and gaining two pounds. The bold cycle lasted about five weeks. By the end i gained six pounds, I was eating mantaince kcal. during this time span.
    With the penetrate You might be able to pull of 100mg/ml. To prepare I just dissolved the bold in dsmo, with heat. And then mixed with the carrier. I liked 15% dsmo in the final product.
    IF you need more instruction on making it,let me know.

  5. I just made a 10ml test batch of 100mg/ml bold in penetrate with 20% dsmo. I'll let you know if it holds.

  6. As of this morning the batch is holding fine!

  7. I was told that you only absorb 35% of whats in there thus having to run a high amount in the transdermal form to get a benefit. I have some penetrate and want to mix some up bu dont know what i want to run the dosing at..

  8. There are a few post around on this for more info, But assuming you take 200mg ed and 30% absorption, thats 60mg a day, and 420mg a week. If you add in ester weight and compare to injecting EQ , you would be doing around ~550mg EQ.

  9. Thats kind of confusing. So do you take total grams of powder divided by (x) amount of ml's? which would give you (x) amount of mg/ml?

  10. Ya that will work.

  11. Thats what ive used. i know that 100mg/ml will hold just fine with penetrate alone!

  12. Why not mix it with oil and inject it?

  13. It's some what hard to work with And daily injections get old quick.

  14. This is random but does anyone work with Guaiacol and could lend my some . This summer i'm going to work on a boldenone base solution again.


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