1 1/2 year old Formestane in NP Penetrate still good?

  1. Question 1 1/2 year old Formestane in NP Penetrate still good?

    I have 5g of Formestane in NP Penetrate from about 1 1/2 years ago. I shake the bottle every week or two. The bottle has been kept in a cool dark place. Is it still good? I worry a little about the alcohol and the plastic bottle - is it possible some of the plastic could dissolve into the solution? I don't want to use it if it is potentially contaminated with plastic since it has been stored for so long.

    But if still good then I'm definitely using it, especially since it is hard to come by.

  2. I had some penetrate and formestane. Had it for probably a year and I started to use it again and was effective. Untill I decided to put some DMSO into it, and then realized the plastic bottle NP ships the penetrate in isn't high density, it turned the solution brown.. assuming the plastic was being dissolved.. I dumped it.. So now I have no formestane ;(

  3. Bump to this. I've come across the same scenario. can anyone answer this, NP?

    I'm not adding DMSO, this is just form and penetrate mixed @ a year ago

  4. as long as it was kept in a cool dark place, i see no problems

  5. Dark yes. It's been stored at room temperature

  6. Mine was good, unfortunately most of it went to waste
    I decided to pour it into a new dispenser I got at the container store, however the dispenser had a crack. I checked it a couple of days later and most of it had drained out. I poured back in the original dispenser bottle... now I'm pissed but life goes on.

  7. If anything, it has been even more protected from oxidation than as a powder. SHould be fine.
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