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    does anyone know the ingredients and/or ratios of them used in avant's lipo gel. if we could work out our own homebrew of it i think it could benefit a lot of us. also, the "sytenhance" product that got shelved by the FDA was supposedly mroe than just the lipo gel with ph in it. it was said to include penetration enhancers that were used in the regular transdermal gel. if we can figure out how to brew a lipo gel, it wouldnt be long till we got our own "sytenhance", and along with that would probably come a brew of "hung". this could be very beneficial, seeing as how the FDA has shut down avant's production of these very items.

  2. as another added benefit, it looks as though a localized delivery of 5-aa has potential as a gyno treatment.

  3. ok, the closest ive come so far is the ingredients to lipoderm-y, which should be pretty close to the ingredients of plain lipo gel, with the exception of the yom. they r as follows:

    Isopropyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, water, n-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone, glycerol, l-menthol, laurocapram, Carbomer 934

    im not sure which, if any, of these is the yom, because im not familiar with the scientific name of it.

  4. perhaps you could talk to dazed, i believe he was working with par on these products

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