Whats a safe way to make a citrulline malate transdermal

  1. Whats a safe way to make a citrulline malate transdermal

    curious what base i should use, stick to the usual DMSO?

  2. Curious as to why you would make this a td? Does citrulline malate have poor bioavailability? I would figure it wouldn't since it is an amino acid.

  3. One question...Why?

  4. my point was to make it that (since cit mal removes lactic acid and ammonia from the blood) wouldnt it work better if being used in a transdermal since it gets direct application into the circulatory system?

  5. Found in an article....

    Citrulline supplied by the diet is efficiently absorbed from the stomach and enters the blood via the major vein draining the digestive system that empties into the liver. Much of it bypasses uptake in the liver and is then circulated for distribution to the kidneys, brain, muscle and other tissues for conversion to arginine.



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