Easy nicotine extraction method

  1. Easy nicotine extraction method

    I know a lot of people have tried adding capsaicin to their Lipoderm, and more recently Napalm. Most of the feedback that I've seen, seems to suggest that if you can stand the burn, the fat loss is much more profound with the addition of capsaicin. I have been using this combo for almost two weeks, and I must say, the fat loss is incredible. I have not seen much feedback on the addition of nicotine, and it seems the reason being is sourcing nicotine. Many have tried extracting it from nicotine gum, but it seems as though the process is a pain in the arse! I found a really simple way of extracting it. Take one an one half bottles of iso-alcohol, 91% and put it in a blender. Add 80-100 pieces of nicotine gum. Blend on medium for about 15 minutes, or until the solution gets warm. most of the gum will bind together into a huge clump, the rest, you can filter out with a coffee filter. Make sure you wring out the gummy clump to get to most nicotine out. My solution turned out to be pretty potent, because I rubbed the little bit that was left on my hands from wringing out the gum onto my abs, and I got a huge nicotine rush, like the one I got the first time I took a huge dip of chewing tobacco. Also one quick note, I first extracted the capsaicin from 3 pounds of habaneros, using the same process, and used the habanero solution to extract the nicotine. (because I was too cheap to go out and buy more Capzacin liquid from the drug store. Besides, that stuff is like ten bucks for 2 oz, and it doesn't even last a week, well not at the amount I was using, lol!) So my solution was pretty concentrated! It was only a bit less potent, capsaicin wise than the Capzacin, so the burn is not as intense, and it allows me to put more on. I hope this information was helpful to you, cheers!

  2. Good post

  3. If you try the nicotine/cap, let me know how it works out for you.

  4. If I buy another bottle of napalm I'll definitely try it. I might make a trans oxo. Maybe I'll add some other stuff in there too.

  5. 80-100 pieces of nicotine gum? That stuff is quite expensive. Did you just get the generic kind? How did your blender hold up after that? Very difficult to clean? I never really thought about adding capsaicin to my lipoderm...interesting.

  6. I used the generic kind, came out to about $20. My blender has been through a lot, but that last extraction proved to be too much for it; stripped the gear, lol! I still use it, but have to put aluminum foil on the gear, and jam the blender glass part onto the base.

  7. Be careful with Nicotine it is toxic. You could also grow your own, nicotiana rustica will exude Nicotine on hot dry summer days.


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