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    Hi Guys & Gals....

    Im looking at setting up a home gym in my basement, and Im looking at getting one of these all in one gyms that include the smith machine in it..I was wondering if anyone has one of these, or knows of a good brand? I have found a few that Im interested in, but seeing as I can only view a few pictures of it, Im not sure to as the quality or how well it performs.

    Here are a few links to ones Im looking at....anyone have any comments?

    1.) Pioneer BFC SmithMaster Multi-Station Gym FREE SHIPPING

    2.) Caribou III Multi Gym (Complete) w/ Smith Machine & Cable Cross


    If anyone has any other sites or info, Id GREATLY appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance...

  2. I always order my stuff from newyorkbarbells.com.

    Free shipping is a GREAT find with weight equipment. Otherwise the freight on weights/machines is a *****

  3. i would check craigslist.
    that's how i build my homegym. you'd be surprised how many people buy really nice equiptment and never use it!

  4. great stuff on gumtree.com - second hand but theres good stuff there

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