review my cardio workout

  1. review my cardio workout

    I usually lift 3 days a week...and never do cardio and weights on the same day.


    I do this 2 to 3 times a week.
    I run 4 miles total
    I run 3 miles moderate pace...slowly ramping up my speed
    For the final mile, I sprint a block, then walk a block

    problem is that I have been doing this for months, and I still get extremely sore from it. I actually get more sore from this than I do my leg days. Is it too much? It sure doesn't seem like a lot. I know I am getting in better shape, as I am feeling better and better after each run as the days progresses...but the pain is bothering me to the point that it is screwing up my leg days sometimes (not to mention walking funny the next day at work).

    I take 1 scoop whey before and after the run to avoid muscle loss.

    well thanks!

    29 years old
    lifting 14 years
    running about 10 months (strictly did cycling before that)
    190 lbs.

  2. When i up my cardio i notice that my legs are sore too.

    I just go lighter on legs day, or skip it for the week. You'll find that if your legs are sore enough after cardio, that when you drop the cardio back down you'll be stronger on leg day.

    thats why you see bikers/sprinters with such huge legs, running is a good workout.

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