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Bicep Mass Conundrum

  1. Question Bicep Mass Conundrum

    I am having trouble gaining mass in my biceps. It seems as if I have always had trouble putting on mass in my biceps, but now it is really starting to piss me off.

    Here are the exercises I do, usually picking three-four exercise per workout, with triceps on the same day:

    Preacher Curl: Dumbbell Iso, Ez Barr, cable (3 or 4 x10) or (15, 12, 8, 8, 6)
    Standing Barbell Curl (15, 12, 8, 8, 6)
    Incline alternating curls- Twisting at the top. (3 or 4 x10)
    Hammer Curls (3 or 4 x10)
    (I might throw some rope curls in there somewhere, if I feel bored, or do standing preachers using an incline bench to toss things up a bit- but I don't do either on a regular basis)

    (I do reverse curls for forearms- switching between cable, ez, and straight bar.)

    I seem to plateau easily, and can't put on any size in my biceps. I try to stick to good form, but it seems vanity gets the best of me sometimes, and I cheat a little too much. This is not a problem, as I don't do it often, and if ever on my last set of heavy.

    What else should i focus on, or what other exercises should I do. I find that I can't increase weight. Should i try to get smaller magnetic weights so that I can start making increases even if they are minor (weights in my gym start at 2.5lbs)

    Am i over training? I am working the bicep wrong?

    I am also contemplating purchasing an arm blaster-- worth the money?

    Any suggestions would be helpful. I would like to start gaining some much needed mass on my arms.



  2. i had to look up the arm blaster because i was curious.
    movement just looks like an isolation curl.
    you shouldn't need that contraption to do iso curls.

  3. Negative hammer curls usually get me out of a platty!
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  4. yeah.
    negatives, drop sets, statics, 21s. mix it up.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions! More more more!

    Anything that anyone might think would help, and again thanks for the suggestions.


  6. how big are your arms? around or under 14 inches, and barbell curls and chin ups are the best. compound movements stimulate the most muscle fibers - isolations are great to build whats there, but they're not what works for mass.

    i've compiled a list of stuff on another post to save the time of typing again and again, check it out and see if it applies to you.
    Gaining mass in a nutshell (a big nutshell)

  7. straight bar curls! I love em

  8. you don't need that arm blaster equipment. You are basically doing standing preacher curls. Just use the preacher curl bench instead.

  9. My 2 pennies...
    I have found the only way to build overall mass in a muscle group is COMPOUND movements and LOW reps with HEAVY weights.

    Try this...
    Start with EZ or barbell curls.
    Do warm up 3 sets (12, 10, 8 reps) using a weight that is about 5 reps from failure (ie you fail at 15reps, so do 10reps).

    Now do 3 sets with HEAVY weight that you will fail from 6-4 reps. If you go out of this rep range you need to go up or down in weight. I take at least 2 minutes of rest between sets, but no more than 3 minutes.

    Once youre finished with that exersice go to alternating dumbell curls and do another 3-4 sets of HEAVY 6-4 reps.
    DO NOT WARM UP! You are already warmed up from the previous exersice.

    This method WORKS for growth and strength. I suggested this to others and they have all thanked me later.

  10. Ya those preacher curles that reaper suggested will help.. And with that straight bar all I do is slightly lean forward and curl the benchbar (with some nice weight be sure to get full extension with those exercises.... And when u curl. Grip the inside of the dumbell for bicept fullness... If u want a higher peak.. Grip the outside. And throw the inside weight over ur bicept as u curl.... U get me?

  11. Any other suggestions?


  12. try doin 50reps with the bb..only do one set

  13. Heavy weighted chin ups (low reps)
    Heavy weighted pull ups (low reps)

    ...next question?

    BTW, if you dont do pulls or chins you should but dont be discouraged if you cant do that many. They utilize muscle fibers that you will never hit simply doing a lat pulldown.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by paulygon View Post
    Any other suggestions?

    u dont know how to say thankyou?


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