Critique my workout, please.

  1. Critique my workout, please.

    Hey everyone.

    So a little introduction: I workout about 5 days a week. 3 days I actually have about an hour, 90 minutes to workout, the other two I have maybe 30 - 40 minutes. So I decided to split it in 3 workout days and 2 cardio days.

    Here's my workout schedulle right now:

    -Overhead dumbell extension, negative, 3x6
    Superset with
    Incline dumbell curl, also negative, 3x6

    -Overhead cable extension, negative, 3x6
    Superset with
    Ez Bar Curl, also negative, 3x6

    -Preacher curl, 4x8
    Superset with
    Rope Pressdown

    -Hammer curl, 4x12
    Reverse grip pressdown

    Wednesday's are leg days, so I try to vary it a little. Leg extensions, Romanian Deadlifts, Leg Press and some balance squats on the thing I can't remember the name right now. Usually start off with negatives on the Leg Press and move on from there.

    -Lat Pulldowns, negative, 3x6
    Dumbell bench press, negative

    -Incline Bench Press, negative, 3x6
    Seated Row, negative

    -Back flyer, 4x8
    Front flyer, 4x8

    And finish it off with Chin ups and Dips, 4x10, then go for some shoulder exercises.

    Tuesdays and Thursdays I do mostly cardio (eliptical with HIIT mostly, sometimes bike or treadmill) and then workout my abs.

    I've gained a little weight lately so I've been working on losing a couple pounds here and there, so I really need to have some cardio and to lose some BF. Workouts are usually in the middle of the afternoon, between breakfast and lunch.

    I take a protein shake straight after workouts with a bottle of Gatorade.

    anyone have any suggestions on where I can improve my trainning?

    Thanks everyone, all help appreciated.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to add the squats that I do on wednesday.

    And also on that notice, apologize for the bump but I have another question concerning the squats.

    They have a squat rack in my gym, but it seems that they hurt my back a lot while doing it, and my shoulders even with the so called protection. They do also have a "squat machine" which is roughly like this one:

    The machine doesn't generate any pain anywhere, is it possible for me to switch between the rack to the machine? I realize there must be something wrong with my form and I've tried adjusting, but it doesn't seem to get better and there is noone to assist me on it.

    Thanks again.

  3. 1. squats hurting your back - make sure your back is arched, wear a belt if that helps, stick your chest out, and keep your head straight, looking forward.

    2. what are you training for? are you trying to get rid of body fat by cutting? what most people don't understand, is that if you keep your protein consumption high, and you put on muscle, the rest of your diet stays the same, you will gain fat based on what your body needs to refuel itself. look at all the guys that do cardio for 30 min a day, 5 days a week, and look the same 6 months later. its because as soon as they leave, they get a drink at starbucks (400 calories average) and kiss goodbye the 30 minutes of intense cardio they did. if this doesn't answer your question, write back with a little more info.

  4. Well, my goals are to slim up a little, cut some of the fat and increase LBM.

    I've worked out seriously for almost 2 years now and just finished a somewhat dirty bulk. My diet is very clean, breakfast is oat meal and banana, protein shake after workout, lunch with grilled chicken, rice, beans and sweet potatoes, mid afternoon tuna sandwich snack, sometimes a salad and chicken as dinner, sometimes same as lunch.

    I need to cut down some of the fat and that's why I upped my cardio a little on my off days.

    As for the squat, any input if its ok to switch the dumbell squat to that machine one? I've tried improving my form by the things suggested and it still really hurt some. Maybe if i started with some lower weights? But I do put a fair amount when working with the machine instead of the dumbell.

  5. Sorry for the bump, but does anyone have an input on the workout? Am I overtraining with the negative? How about cardio on my offdays? I've been hearing some mixed feedbacks on when to cardio; I try to have a protein shake before I go do my cardio and a full meal once I'm done, how does that sound?

    Thanks again in advance.

  6. it doesn't look crazy enough to be overtraining. lastly, cardio is recommended in the morning before eating. guess that really depends on the individual though. quick question - reverse grip pushdown is a back tricep exercise right?

  7. Yeah, it's a back tricep exercise, tried to opose the hammer bi with that.

    And so on an empty stomach I wouldn't have a problem of muscle breakdown instead of fat? Or should I take a protein shake before doing so? That's where i've been getting some mixed stuff.

  8. you need energy. and if you work out without anything, your body will try to pull amino's out of the muscles being worked. i would do some form of slow digesting carbs (wheat bread, yams, etc) around 50g or so, and 20g of protein and bcaa's just to make sure you're at peak before the gym. you don't need anything before running since you can't gain muscle from it.

    i was wondering about the tricep thing. my coach called them blasters, and i've never heard another name for them. hope i've answered your question


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