Advice for explosive strength/power day

  1. Advice for explosive strength/power day

    I am currently employing a push/pull/legs routine M,T,Th and would like to throw in a power day on Friday; nothing too strenuous - I'm just going to do some sort of clean, push presses, and power shrugs. I'm looking for advice on the rep range/intensity optimal for producing results. How close to failure should I go? Any help is much appreciated

  2. well for cleans and presses i found that sets of 5 are optimal for the strength gains. i would usually do 5-6x5. for shrugs i load up the bar with as much weight as i can handle, put straps on my wrists and go to fail. when i started doing that my traps exploded. but remember to keep proper form and dont go wild with the form.

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