newbie needs help

  1. newbie needs help

    ok, so I am a newbie to this site, and have been working with weights for about 3 months.. befroe that i was doing cardio and light restince training, which helped me to loose 100 pounds in 8 months... I am 179 now, from 280. I am pretty much trying to cut(im 6'2 btw) I can bench the bar plus 2 45s on each side 4 times is my max on that.. I want to hit the gym at least 5 days a week which i have been doingfor the past 3 months... can someone help me make a good program?

  2. theres a bunch of "programs" out there. 5x5, westside etc.

    What you can do is try out each of them and see what works for you.

    Or i can tell you what my split is, if you want.

  3. Your 6'2" 179 and your cutting. Im 6'2 205ish and trying to gain. Dude seriously eat and lift. What is your BF% if your benching 225x4 you should be pretty decent shape. I maybe way off but I think you should give your diet a check then your routine.

    BTW what are your goals.
    Lean looking, powerlifter, eventually have a massive physique.

    If you could give some of this info you will be able to get alot more help

  4. i would look into the 5x5 as stated earlier. you don't want to get any leaner at your height - maybe just work on filling out your frame while burning a little body fat. try the 5x5 system for at least 2-3 months, then work on making a solid program.

  5. loadsa stuff in the other thresds mate that should help you



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