New routine - a little help please?

  1. New routine - a little help please?

    I've been working a 5, 6, or 7-day split since December. I carved up a pretty nice, lean physique, and it's been great for the summer, but I wanna switch up my focus on strength a bit more and work on building up my frame some. I feel like recently I may have been overtraining, and I am trying to get away from a lot of isolation moves which I feel have been causing me aches and pains in my joints lately. I don't wanna completely ignore them, but I would like to focus most of my attention on core exercises and compound movements. I'm not afraid of brutal workouts.

    A couple of things I should mention up front. I pretty much didn't do squats at all up until this past year. I also have never done deadlifts before. Why? Between 3 knee operations and a broken back, my doctor told me to never do these movements. But now, years later, I can't help but disagree. I would rather do these movements with low weight and work up, than skip them all together.

    I was contemplating a 5x5 routine, but I'm a little nervous about doing heavy squats 3x/week, and I need to take it slow with the deads as well. I'm also pretty hard-headed at times, so I wanna try some other things. Problem is, every time I start writing up a routine, I keep throwing too many exercises in! I keep wanting to add too many isolation moves, and I'm going in circles here, so before I keep frustrating myself, I'm asking for some constructive advice or suggestions!

    This is what I've worked up so far:

    1. Squat @8 reps x4
    2. Military press @5 reps x4
    3. Dumbbell split squat @8 reps x4
    4. Dumbbell shoulder press @5 reps x4
    5. Dumbbell shrugs @5 reps
    * Superset w/ dumbbell front raises @8 reps x3
    - Weighted abs

    1. Dumbbell bench press @5 reps x4
    2. Bent-over barbell row @8 reps x4
    3. Incline barbell bench press @5 reps x4
    4. Wide-grip pull-ups – to failure x4
    5. Flat dumbbell flies @5 rep
    * Superset w/ Dumbbell tricep extensions @8 reps x3
    - Back extensions

    1. Squat @10 reps x4
    2. Deadlift @8 reps x4
    3. Dips – to failure x4
    4. Barbell upright row @5 reps x4
    5. Reverse barbell curls @5 reps
    * Superset w/ isolation curls @8 reps x3
    - Abs:
    Cable Woodchop
    Reverse Cable Woodchop
    Side plank

    I will be adding in some fun supplements to aid my workouts, and I'll keep a log once it's time to go!

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I probably won't start this specific routine until mid-August, so I've got time to tinker. Just trying to lay it down on paper so I have a game plan. Thanks in advance for any help!

  2. the compound movements that are best for mass are:

    back - pull ups
    back - deadlifts
    chest - bench
    shoulders - military press
    triceps - dips (weighted if needed)
    triceps - close grip bench
    biceps - barbell curls
    biceps - chin ups (weighted if needed)
    legs - squats
    legs - the sled (a.k.a. leg extension

    since your avatar looks pretty ripped i'm not going to advise you here - just add in what you think you need to work on, and go from there - most of these movements as you can tell are compound movements (except barbell curl) so it should help get rid of some of the joint pains you're having. hope this helps.

    also, with any back injuries, go light and slowly work your way up. if i were you (which i am not), i would always use a weight belt, and keep my reps fairly high (15-20) so you won't break something. if i were to do 8 reps, i think i would go higher weight, which for you is maybe something you can look into after a few months of incorporating them in. do not get more injured, especially since heavy weights on deads can compact your spine, which can really make those slipped discs messed up. my g/f tried that, and thats why she can't go to the gym at all now. on top of the ludicrous prescription price for the meds she now needs - oxycontin. i think its better to be really safe, to the point of OCD safe, than sorry.

    if you want to build your frame up (i assume bulk here), i'd start my routine with either one or two of aforementioned exercises, then throw in at most 3 other exercises per body part, probably 2.

    i think the 5x5 might permanently cripple you, so again, be careful. lastly, tom platz has the best legs in the business, and he always did 20 reps for any leg movement, so don't think you won't grow from higher volume. even DC training does a 20 rep leg movement.

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