My routines a bit... pants!

  1. My routines a bit... pants!


    Looking for a little help with my routines. Ive been training for about a year and a half now and only been serious for the past 8 months or so and finding my progress to be extremly slow. The latest routine ive been following is an all body program but finding afterwards im really pumped in some areas but not others and i fatigue quickly when doing upper body and growth is minimal. The 2nd thing im struggling with the weights im using. So far ive heard people say increase weight on each set, decrease weight on each set or just lift your max limit each time. Im training for growth im 25 and currently weigh 185lb... routine is below

    Day 1
    Reverse Squat 3 sets
    Deadlift 3 sets
    Bench press 4 sets
    Chest fly 3 sets
    lat pulldown 3 sets
    close grip pulldown 3 sets
    shoulder press 3 sets
    reverse raise 3 sets
    hammer curl 3 sets
    dip 3 sets
    then ab work

    Day 2
    Squats 3 sets
    Bench press 3 sets
    incline press 3 sets
    bent over row 3 sets
    pullover 3 sets
    sshoulder press 3 sets
    lat raise 3 sets
    bicep curl 3 sets
    tricep extension 3 sets
    ab work

    Day 3
    Deadlift 4 sets
    Bench press 4 sets
    Dip 3 sets
    One arm row 3 sets
    Upright row 3 sets
    shoulder press 3 sets
    shrug 3 sets
    reverse curl 3 sets
    tricep pushdown 3 sets

    I have a rest day between each workout and need a better routines that will help me bulk!


  2. you're doing way too much. the MWF total body workout is just that. there's no reason for chest flyes or hammer curls if you're playing the mass game. if your progress is slow its because you're doing some mass gainers with a lot of isolation. there's no reason to isolate if you're still what you consider to be small. i'm almost your weight at 5'9". instead, what worked for me (and you may be different) is:

    M - squat (ass to ground) / bench / deadlift / pull up / floor wiper / clean and press (5x10)

    W - lunges / push ups / floor wipers / military press / db curl to arnold press / deadlift with hex bar (5x10)

    F - DB bench / sumo deadlift / chin ups / dips / floor wipers / the sled (5x10)

    if something still doesn't feel like its growing, rear tri's for example, throw it in the mix - one extra exercise per day, 3 sets of 10. incidentally, the best mass gainers per body part are:
    biceps - chin ups
    biceps - barbell curls
    back - deadlifts
    back - pull ups
    chest - bench press
    legs - squats
    shoulders - military press
    shoulders - upright row
    triceps - dips
    triceps - close grip bench
    overall - overhead squat
    overall - clean and press

    doing this, i gained 2 lb overall per month for the 4 months i did it. that was with a non strict diet as well. use this time to get your diet in order, since the gym is only 10% of your growth. lots of protein, medium carbs, healthy fats (avocado, fish oil, nuts).

  3. Cheers Suncloud, gunna go this lot a go starting tomorrow so fingers crossed!
    Yeah my diets halfway there.... just trying to get over the cravings at the minute!

  4. post up your diet

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