How can i do my squats?

  1. How can i do my squats?

    My gym is really small and has a limited supply of equipment. Most noticeably is the complete absence of a squat rack. No smith machine either. The only thing close to it is a seated leg press, but that doesn't come close to replacing a free weight squat. I can't switch gyms either, because theres nothing to switch to. As a good workout is impossible without squats, how can i still get mine done?

  2. dumbells

  3. bodyweight squats, throw a duffel bag over your shoulders and go for it

  4. Overhead squats.

  5. Do split squats, overhead squats, hack squats (which I think is more like a deadlift), lunges, etc.

    I was watching a video on youtube of a dude doing forward lunges w/ 225. Freakin' impressive.

  6. Bulgarian split sqauts. make sure you go deep and hold dumbells in your hands. If you have never done them before you will be sore from your calves to your torso.


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