3-4 day split help

  1. 3-4 day split help

    Whats peoples opinion on this routine? Have only recently just started training legs properly due to an injury. Looking at a 3-4 day a week routine.

    Upper (2 weeks15 reps, 2 weeks 12 reps, 2 weeks 10 reps)
    Chin Ups x 3 sets
    Incline Bench Press x 3 sets
    Single arm DB rows x 3 sets
    Dips x 3 sets
    Db Curls x 2 sets
    Cable Pushdowns x 2 sets

    Lower (6-8 reps)
    Squat 4-5 sets
    Straight Leg Deadlift 4-5 sets
    Leg Press 4 - 5 Sets
    Calf Raises 4-5 sets
    Hanging leg raises 3-4 sets

    Upper ( 6-8 reps)
    Flat bench 4-5 sets
    Barbell Rows 4-5 Sets
    Military Press 4-5 sets
    Skulls 3-4 sets
    BB Curls 3-4 sets

    Lower (20-15 reps, 2 weeks 15-12 reps, 2 weeks 12-10 reps)
    Front Squats 3 sets
    Romanian Deadlifts 3 sets
    Leg Extensions 3 sets
    lying leg curls 3 sets
    Calves 3 sets
    2 ab exercises

  2. not that i'm an expert on such things, but if i was doing that kind of split, i'd look into DC training, which i'm not very familiar with or i'd explain it better.

  3. what does your week look like? is it two days on one off two on two off? also it appears to me that your trying to play catch up with legs? it looks good to me good luck.

  4. Will usually be mon, wed, fri and sat. And yeah i need to get some size back in my legs. The idea is to incorporate some high rep training/recovery with some strength/hypertrophy each once a week, then after 6 weeks just change the exercises around as my routine has been pretty much the same for the past 3 years doing a 4 day body part split.

  5. I like it, should be good except you are neglecting your posterior.

  6. What would u include for the posterior then?


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