Sprinting shoes??

  1. Cool Sprinting shoes??

    I am doing high intensity, velocity training this summer. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good pair of sprinting shoes?? I have the Nike Free shoes now and they are killing me when I do sprints, from my feet to my knees. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I've read that you want a shoe with a very slim sole. The more "cushion" you have between the bottom of your foot and the ground, the more of your produced force is lost.

    I'm not a track runner, so I have no idea on what name brands this would fall under. Just a thought.

    Maybe try Chuck T's? lol Maybe.

  3. There are track running shoes, which may be what you are looking for, and then there are the mediums between the track issues and the everyday running shoe.

    I sought out that medium shoe, as I will be working in a lot of interval training soon at the track. I ordered the recently released New Balance 805 interval trainers. Very light, and build for sprinting, they may fit your desire. I didn't mind the price either, as some of the running shoes run easily into the $130 range. Can't give an review for you though, as I have not received them yet.
    New Balance 805 | MR805SL

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ShakesAllDay View Post
    Maybe try Chuck T's? lol Maybe.
    OMG, sprinting in high tops?! I couldn't do it! LOL!

    I wear Nike Shox. They're stylish. That's about all they are. Definitely not the most functional sprinting shoes..

    *Bump* on this thread, cuz I need to go shoe shopping.

  5. Not to knock on the members of AnabolicMinds.com, but I doubt there are too many runners here to begin with. I think you may find more information seeking out the reviews at sites such as RunnersWorld.com.



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