HELP with new routine

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    I am doing a routine now for size for about a year. It consists of 5 days a week weights.
    Day 1-chest
    Day 2-back
    Day 3 -legs
    Day 4-shoulders
    Day5- arms
    I am 24 and have been using this routine to bulk up. I was wandering if anyone had a routine to get cut and lean considering im on an average diet. I want to do weights 5 days a week and cardio 3 times a week. Any suggestions???????????

    Something with detail would be great like an hour a day of this and that etc. thanks

  2. how long are the cardio sessions? if they're steady state you could try switching 1-2 out for interval cardio.

  3. If i was working out to get bigger and stronger i would be doing a 4 day workout, something like and upper/lower split. When i started dieting i would probably employ the 5 day a week bodypart split. This is just how i would go about it.

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