Decline dumbell press angle?

  1. Decline dumbell press angle?

    How steep of an an angle is required to shift the focus of the press to the lower pecs? I have been doing dips to focus on the lower pecs, but I want to add the decline dumbell press or flye for variety.

  2. i'm not sure, but interested in hearing the answer. i end up at 30 degrees downward or so but that just happens to be where the bench goes

  3. Here's some thing to think about before you go wasting time on declines, when you arch your back, as i sure 90% of us do on heavier sets, you turn flat bench into decline, and inclince into flat bench, just something to think about.

  4. I do arch my back on presses when I plant my feet but its minimal, I dont have a great arch by powerlifting standards. We have a decline barbell bench at my gym but I never use that, the range of motion with the barbell is so short, and the angle of the bench seems way to steep for me, I only feel the movement in my delts and tri's.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Timmo View Post
    I only feel the movement in my delts and tri's.

    Thats why i say declines are junk, if your really concerned about your lower pecs, dips are the way to go. Lean forward to help isolate your pecs.

  6. yeah, thats the same philosophy Ive shared for the 3 years or so Ive been training, I was just gonna try to throw in the decline dumbell press or the flye for something new. Its looking like its not worth it at all lol


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