pull-up & chin-up

  1. pull-up & chin-up

    whats the best for what?

  2. chins are better for biceps - one of the two best mass exercises for them. they also work the muscles along the spine. pull ups are better for your lats. try chins on arm day, and pull ups on back day - you should feel the difference.

    Chin-Ups vs Pull-Ups: What Is The Difference?

    In kinesiologese, and throughout this article, pull-ups are chin-ups done with a pronated grip (palms down grip) and chin-up are done with either a semi-supinated (palms facing each other) or with a supinated grip (palms facing you grip). What is the best grip for chins?

    There is no such thing as a best grip for performing chins. Empirically speaking, the people I know with the best upper back development use a myriad of grips to recruit as many back muscles as possible. You just have to look at the upper back development of the gymnasts who medalled recently in the still rings event at the Atlanta Olympic Summer Games.

    etc etc. link for it is:
    Bodybuilding.com - Charles Poliquin - Improving Chin-Up Performance!

    hope this helps.

  3. I have been doing chins for the last few months, going to switch to wide grip palms facing each other pullups soon. I do not feel chins in my biceps much, much much more in my lats and back. I may give wide narrow grip pullups a run soon. I found my lats are probably a weak point in my bench, lat pulldowns just were not cutting it, these are definately much more effective.

  4. I have shoulder problems so I switched to a neutral grip, palms facing each other. I actually love this way the best. It really pumps up my lats.

  5. Just a little motivation for pull ups -

    Although this sounds odd, I've seen the alternating grip used.



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